The firm offers a full package of services including accounting records, company resources maximisation, accounting support for any kind of company ( individual, partnerships, limited companies, associations, non-commercial institutions, pharmacies, insurance companies). We also have recourse to a considerable IT network for which we’re supported by qualified experts.

Furthermore, our firm offers the development of individual asset situation, financial statements and its explanatory notes, budget analysis, interim financial reports so as to guide the customer through business choices, advices related to the launch and the management of a simplified business system and more over.

Frequently asked questions

How much do I have to invoice if I want to keep the flat-rate system?

Maximum 65.000,00 euros yearly. So, if your business has worked during the year, that amount has to be adapted considering the working.

When does occur the obligation to switch from the quarterly accounting system to the monthly one?

That could be a personal choice or when the last year the turnover passes 400.000,00 euros for service-related activities and 700.000,00 euros for the other activities.

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